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Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) :

Ordering Guide

1.Silica Based Sorbent
{short description of image}HYDROPHOBIC - C18, C8, C4, C2, Cyclohexyl, Phenyl
{short description of image}HYDROPHILIC - Silica, DIOL, Cyanopropyl
{short description of image}ION EXCHNAGE - Aminopropyl, SAX, SCX
{short description of image}BauloTM Fritless - C18/PTFE, C8/PTFE, AMINO/PTFE
2.Inorganic Based Sorbent
3.Organic Based Sorbent
4.SPE accessories
5. SPE bulk materials

SPE Cartridges

Catalog No. Vol. Sorbent Mass Columns/pack Price($)
XYZ-01005 1 ml 50 mg 100 105.00
XYZ-01010 1 ml 100 mg 100 115.00
XYZ-03010 3 ml 100 mg 100 130.00
XYZ-03020 3 ml 200 mg 50 75.00
XYZ-03050 3 ml 500 mg 100 175.00
XYZ-06050 6 ml 500 mg 30 60.00
XYZ-06100 6 ml 1000 mg 50 130.00
XYZ-12000 12 ml 500-2000 mg 25-50 Inquiry
XYZ-25000 25 ml 500-2000 mg 10-50 Inquiry
XYZ-60000 60 ml 1000-5000 mg 5-25 Inquiry


XYZ Sorbent Details  
    1. Silica Based Sorbent  
S18 C18 Reversed C18, high density of bonding, low loss, high recovery  
S08 C8 Reversed C8, similar non-polar like C18 but less retaining of non-polar compounds, useful for eluting strong non-polar compounds  
S04 C4 Reversed C4, less polar than C8, useful for hydrophobic interaction  
S02 C2    
SCH Cyclohexyl    
SPH Phenyl -CH2CH2CN, middle polarity, either normal or reversed phase  
SSI Silica Bare silica, weak acidic, strong polar  
SDI Diol    
SCN Cyanopropyl -CH2CH2CN, middle polarity, either normal or reversed phase  
SNH Amino Aminopropyl,-CH2CH2CH2NH2, either normal or reversed phase, retaining through the mechanism of WCX (water) or polar absorption (non-polar organic solvent),  
SAX Q-Amine Quanternary Amine, -NR4  
SCX   Benzenesulphonic Acid ,Strong cation exchanger, -C6H5SO3H  
PRS   Strong cation exchanger,-CH2CH2CH2SO3H  
PSA   Similar to NH2, PSA has two NH2 groups, ability of ion exchange stronger than NH2. PSA can also form complex with metal ions.  
WCX   Weak cation exchanger, COOH  
    2. Inorganic Packing  
FLO Florisil Three major components: SiO2 (84%), MgO (15.5%) and Na2SO4 (0.5%). A high selective absorbent.  
  PestiCard Prepared by special surface activation of special kind of carbon black  
ALN Alumina N Neutral Al2O3, pH=7.5, Strong absorbent, neutral surface, easy to return heterocyclo, aromatic, and organic amine compounds. Specially treated to ensure high recovery of samples.  
ALA Alumina A Acidic Al2O3  
ALB Alumina B Basic Al2O3, pH 10  
    3. Organic Packing  
PEP   Functional PS-DVB SPE columns, the surface has hydrophilic and hydrophobic groups simultaneously. pH ranges 1-14,its ability of absorbing analytes and sample capacity is 3-10 time more than the C18 based packing  
HXN   Functional PS-BVB SPE column with polarity slightly smaller than PEP, specifically used for preparing samples of HXN  
PSD   Bare PS-DVB, high unit surface area (600m2/g), polarity stronger than C18. High absorption and sample capacity for both polar and non-polar compounds