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  Flash Chromatography-FC system

Biomics Inc. produces the following FC systems including detectors and fraction collectors, columns, bulk packings, and accessories.

BauloTM FC-1000 instrument

Solvent control system including gas pressured solvent module, injector, and column station

BauloTM FC-2000 instrument   

Solvent control system including pump, injector, and column station?

BauloTM FC-1000 Instrument

BauloTM flash chromatography is developed and manufactured by Biomics.Inc. This is a new generation of gas driven FC. Comparing to similar products on the market, BauloTM FC combines a negative pressure solvent refilling technique and a positive elution technique. This patented design can achieve in-time refilling and/or solvent changing without stopping the elution process. Further, this system is capable of performing step gradient elution, which allows the continued operation of separating complex compounds with simple operation.
The primary technical characteristics of BauloTMFC-1000
I. Compared with traditional glass column

   1. Safer to operate, no broken glass to hurt people;
   2. Faster separation with an increase of 10 times more in elution rate and shorter time on changing columns
   3. Much more efficient:smaller silica gel particles with higher specific surface area can be used under high pressure, it will increase the efficiency.
   4. Higher preparative capacity:You can choose columns with different diameters (more than 40 mm) as to upgrade the purity of the separation and to increase the sample amount of per unit weight of silica gel,specially when step gradient elution is applied.
   5. Lower cost:The samples can be used as solid and the mobile phase do not need pretreatment. Less expendable and services are needed.
   6. Online detection can be performed without the need for constant TLC examination.
   7. High reproducibility : The usage of prepacked column can reduce the differences among different columns prepared by the operator.
   8. High automation and simple operation, easy to maintain and easy to move.

II. Compared with imported flash chromatography system:
   1.Simple operation
   2.This instruments is improved technically on the basis of an earlier generation products developed by a well known comapny. It can achieve continued refilling of solvent without stopping the chromatography process and is capable of performing step gradient elution.
   3.While having certain technical advantages, BauloTM FC-1000 system has obviously improved functionality with much lower price.
   4.High performance price ratio: Our Flash-1000 can compete with the imported FC systems when equipped with detector (including work station) and fraction collector. It has the advantages of higher performance and lower cost and will be the best choice for preparative chromatography at medium pressure.

FC-1000 Basic Technical Parameters

Technical Index



≤ 0.4

Flow Rate(ml/min)

≥ 150

Column diameter (cm)


Preparative capacity (g)
(based on the size of column, in common,1%-5% of the weight of silica gel)


Typical separation time (compound specific )(min)

< 30

BauloTM FC-2000 Instrument

BauloTM FC-2000 instrument belong to flash chromatography system of mechanical pump type developed by Biomics Inc.

Ordering Guide

Selection of FC Systems and Criteria


selection criterion

The preparative

1.Choose proper diameter ,length of the column and proper quantity of packing materials. More packing,more separative capability.
 2.Choose proper elution gradient for increasing the separative capability per unit weight of silica gel.

Sample varieties
of purification

 Choose the number of channels .More channels? ,more varieties of sample purification.


1.Choose different solvent and gradient based on the difficulty of separation.
2.Reduce the difficulty of separation by choosing proper preparation of the sample.


 1.If you have enough outlay, we suggest you choose automatic fraction collector and automatic detector.
2. you can collect samples by manual work ??instead of automatic collector.

Item Description



Cat. No.

Price (USD)

Gas driven step gradient fluid control system





Gradient Driven Fluid Control System




*The Basic configuration includes  i) FC-1000 instrument (integrant configuration), ii) Injection valve,solid injector, and iii) 10 preparative columns to get your start. The premier package includes basic package plus i) a UV detector,ii) a data station (N3000 or equivalent), iii) an automatic fraction collector, iv. a high-speed sample concentrator.