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Supported Liquid Extraction

High purity, Efficient Alternative to traditional Liquid-liquid Extraction.

Supported Liquid Extraction (SLE) is a new sample preparation technique that is primarily used for the separation, purification of complex samples. Hydromatrix with a high surface area and high capacity for aqueous adsorption makes an exceptional medium for SLE, which has the advantages of higher effeciency,simpler operation.

Comparing with traditional liquid-liquid extraction technique, the features and benefits of SLE are as follows:

•  Fast processing

•  No emulsion formation

•  Easy, safe clean-up with no glassware and no separatory funnels

•  No additional drying steps after extraction

•  Reduced technique dependence

•  Higher reproducibility than standard Liquid/Liquid Extraction

•  Automation compatibility

Ordering Guide

We have developed two formats of SLE product:Hydromatrix material in columns and in 96-well plates.


Part Number






200 mg/3 mL

aqueous sample load of up to 200 µL



500 mg/6 mL

aqueous sample load of up to 500 µL



1000 mg/6 mL

aqueous sample load of up to 1 mL



96-well plate


100 mg

aqueous sample load of up to 100 µL



200 mg

aqueous sample load of up to 200 µL


As a professional manufacturer of SLE product, Biomics has strict quality assurance test for each and every steps from the raw materials to the final products. Proper measures are taken to ensure the superior performance and high reproducibility of SLE columns.


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