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Solid phase extraction (SPE) is a common sample preparation technique that is primarily used for the separation, purification and enrichment of complex samples. Comparing with liquid-liquid extraction technique, SPE has higher selectivity and better recovery. In addition, it has the advantages of less impurities, higher recovery, fewer amount of solvent usage, simpler operation, faster sample process, and higher automation.

On the basis of traditional SPE columns and discs, Biomics Inc developed the Baulo™ series of Fritless™ SPE columns and discs with proprietary technologies. Fritless™ SPE columns contains various packing materials (such as C18,C8, amine) that had gone through unique treatment process to enhance its mechanic strength. Therefore, the highly porous frits, which have strong non-specific absorption of the analytes, are avoided. This Fritless™ SPE column has the advantages of less channel effect, higher separation efficiency and loading capacity, and less solvent usage.

In general, Fritless™ SPE columns can be maded from high quality silica packing materials with our own specialty surface chemistry. Alternatively, it can be made by choosing top quality suppliers of polymeric packing materials. Biomics strikes hard to improve the Fritless™ technology and broaden its applicability from reversed phase to normal phase packing materials. It can be suited even for ionic exchange mode as well.

As a professional manufacturer of SPE products, Biomics Inc has strict quality assurance procedures for each and every step from the raw materials to the final products. Proper measures are taken to ensure the superior performance and high reproducibility of the Baulo™ SPE columns.


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