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  Flash Chromatography (FC)

FC is a medium pressure preparative chromatography. When compared with traditional column chromatography, it has the characteristics of high resolution, high speed, and low cost. It has been widely used for the separation and purification of organic compounds and have been widely used in the separation of pharmaceutical compounds and nature products.

Major applications of FC

1、Preparation of reference standard materials
2、Analysis of complicated samples
3、Extraction of natural occurring ingredients
4、Fast purification of synthetic compounds

Biomics Inc. produces the following FC systems,including detectors and fraction collectors, columns, bulk packings, and accessories.

FC System and FC Accessories

FC column FC Packing


Ordering Guide

FC system BauloTM FC-1000 systems.|
FC accessories include injection, valve, tubing, etc.
FC columns include 40, 80, 120, 230, and 330 g silica materials. They also include various different packing materials.
FC bulk packing materials